Thursday, November 28, 2013

Educational games developer TiNKiDO launches funding campaign to build modern ePrimer game-worlds for kids

After firstly releasing prototypes for the Grouping and Counting games in Google Play Store, TiNKiDO a volunteer based ePrimer project has launched a funding campaign on crowdfunding platform

As a strategic charitable enterprise they have set a goal to build a magical virtual playworld where children can safely travel around, explore and play smart games. The games are designed to teach knowledge, mental and social skills. The virtual learning environment will also have parental accounts that can be used oversee children’s mental development, offer guidance and help where necessary, while also providing learning statistics for more conscious educational choices in the future.

Developing team of the prototypes consisted of Educational Scientists and Researchers, Game Designers, Artists, Programmers etc. From the first steps of the project, testing on children aged 2 to 7 has been an important aspect for the team, mixed with 3-day developing marathons called “GameJams”, where big part of their game development is done.The developers first release, for which the funding has been started, is going to be a beautiful world of water, full of games that allow kids to effortlessly learn prime skills and knowledge of mathematics, such as numbers and counting. TiNKiDO is planning on building 5 virtual playworlds with emphasis on different educational aspects. The first sketches of the worlds, characters and full information about TiNKiDO is available here.

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