Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Progress update: February

Here's a little update on what we've been doing lately:

First of all, we have finally translated our homepage to English, so you can read all about the game in here: http://www.tinkido.com/

Game development

The prototype of the game has been developed further and you can try it out here: http://e-aabits.ee/alpha/

Currently we are trying out some new activities to offer children in our game's waterworld.. Our main focus is currently on fish and moving them in our mathematical game.
In addition to the main educational games we want to develop some small and entertaining minigames. Like the Puzzle Game you can see in the demo.

We are now using the latest version of Linux (4.0.1) that, in addition to offering the latest tools, allows us to compliment the game for Linux platforms.

In February we had two GameJam weekends: a 2 day periods for brainstorming and game development. The main focus of these events was developing the Sets game and the Addition and Subtraction game.

The Team

Our lead developer Veljo Hagu (The veteran and project manager of Playtech) took over the responsibilities of technical project management from Kristjan Mustkivi. Kristjan recently had a baby of his own but he will return to the project once his family has settled into their new life.

The team has also grown. We are happy to welcome Alan Sigus and Mark Tehver (both from Playtech), Keijo Kraus (Fanchinima, 3D Tech R&D ) and Edgar Juhkov (http://www.juhkov.com/).

We'll keep you updated on our latest news so don't go anywhere!:)

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